Besides providing a scientific basic knowledge, the study focus Geoecology concentrates on general and specific concepts and methods of geoecology. These concepts include process- and space-related perspectives of landscape research and the ability to recognize and formulate system interrelations.

More precisely, we convey the knowledge of differentiating subsystems according to temporal and spatial scales and of classifying specific landscape compartments in relation to existing questions. In our working group, we present quantitative and modelling approaches to describe the landscape structure and element turnover.

(c) Stephan Glatzel

Auslandsexkursion Kalifornien, Ostern 2017

(c) Glatzel Stephan

Begehung einer Pflanzenkläranlage im Zuge einer Abschlussarbeit

(c) Raphael Müller 2018

Laborpraxis, Master Geographie - Schwerpunkt Geoökolgie, Stickstoffdynamik